Urban Electric has significant experience providing the following services:

Design and Engineering Services for Electrical Systems
Design / Build Services
General and Electrical/Mechanical Construction Services for:
  • Utility High Voltage Substations and Stations
  • Industrial Manufacturing Facilities and Plants
  • Air Traffic Control Towers, TRACONs, Air Route Traffic Control Centers, Airport Runway NAVAIDS, Remote Communications Air to Ground Facilities, and Air Surveillance Radar Facilities
  • Airport Runway/Taxiway Lighting and control systems
  • Facility Security Systems
  • Military Bases and Facilities
Construction of RCAG Tower - Daytona Beach International, FL
Replacement of MCC - NSA Orlando, FL
VOR Roof Replacement - Ormond Beach Municipal Airport, FL
ATCT Painting, Sealing, Handrails - Orlando Executive Airport, FL
NAVAIDS, PAPIS, REILS - New Orleans Lakefront Airport, Louisiana
Radar Building Replacement - St. Thomas Int'l Airport, Puerto Rico